Bacterial Vaginitis: How to deal with Bacterial Vaginitis ?

DEFINITION Bacterial vaginitis, also known as bacterial vaginosis (BV), is a polymicrobial infection affecting the vagina caused by anaerobic bacteria. PHYSICAL FINDINGS & CLINICAL PRESENTATION .50% of all women may be without symptoms. Unpleasant, fishy, or musty vaginal odor in about 50% to 70% of all patients. Odor exacerbated immediately after intercourse or during menstruation.… Read More »

6 things your irregular periods could mean

Periods are commonly looked upon as a time of the month when women don’t feel their best, whether it be as a result of stomach cramps, acne, mood swings, or all of the above. There are, however, huge health benefits to getting your period – it can act as a vital indicator as to whether… Read More »

‘Sleeping Beauty’ diet: The dangerous weight loss fad women are trying

Sleeping to limit calorie intake has become a trend amongst the ‘pro-anorexia’ community WARNING: This article contains discussion of eating disorders and caution is recommended Experts are warning about the dangerous consequences of a weight loss method known as the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ diet. The basic premise behind the fad, which has been embraced by some… Read More »

Daily aspirin warning: risk of fatal bleeds in older patients

Older people who take aspirin after a stroke or heart attack are at risk of major bleeds, suggests a new study. Experts believe that because many aspirin studies have focused on younger people, the risk to older patients has been overlooked. Oxford University scientists recommended that this group should take another medication called a proton… Read More »

Tips To Boost Your Fertility For Women

8AM: Shake up your breakfast Fibre and fertility don’t always go hand in hand, so watch those wholegrain breakfast cereals. Boffins at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US have found that, while fibre has many health benefits, too much of it can disrupt your hormone balance and lead to… Read More »

White Bread Is Healthier For Some People Than Whole Grain

Health guides recommend whole flour bread over white, based on the fiber and nutrients removed in the processing. Some research has backed this up. However, a new study found no overall benefit at the community level of one type of bread over another. Instead, some individuals did better on whole wheat, while others benefited more from… Read More »

Images Appear To Show Broken Heroin Needles Stuck In Patient’s Neck

The dangers of injecting intravenous recreational drugs are well known. But just in case that old mantra of “don’t do drugs, stay in school” has faded away, a grisly reminder has been doing the rounds online lately. The images were originally shared on Reddit r/Medicine four years ago by an anonymous doctor. According to their full… Read More »

Students Develop Straw That Can Test For Date Rape Drugs

A group of students from Miami have developed a simple straw that can test whether or not your drink has been spiked. The product changes color when it comes into contact with two of the most common “date rape” drugs, and has won the three students the Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge. The invention, called Smart… Read More »

Why We Don’t Know What Causes Most Birth Defects

The development of a baby, from the time of fertilisation through to the moment of birth, is an incredibly complex journey. Most of the time the result is a perfect new baby. However, in about 3% of babies mistakes happen and a birth defect occurs. This is when an anatomical difference has come about as… Read More »