Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Although smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol increase the risks of developing cancer, being overweight increases the risks of developing breast cancer, particularly in women who are beyond menopause. New research shows a correlation between breast cancer in postmenopausal women and high sex hormone levels such as testosterone and estrogen. According to the study at the… Read More »

Story Of The Surgeon Who Removed His OWN Appendix

The remarkable story of the surgeon who removed his OWN appendix: Russian doctor stranded in the Antarctic used a mirror, lamp and barely any anaesthetic WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Leonid Rogozov was part of a team building a polar base in the Antartic Became ill with appendicitis but travelling to a hospital was impossible Performed an… Read More »

What to Eat During Your Recovery After Surgery

If you have had surgery, the food you eat can make a great impact on your recovery and on how quickly your wound heals. Eating the right foods can prevent complications, such as constipation, and provide the necessary building blocks your skin needs to heal quickly. One of the best things you can do to… Read More »

What Are The Surgical Specialties?

The American College of Surgeons recognizes 14 surgical specialties: cardiothoracic surgery, colon and rectal surgery, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, gynecologic oncology, neurological surgery, ophthalmic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthopaedic surgery, otorhinolaryngology, pediatric surgery, plastic and maxillofacial surgery, urology, and vascular surgery. The information that follows presents information on the various surgical specialties. The… Read More »

Robot Performs Soft-Tissue Surgery By Itself, Even Better Than Human Hands

With a bulky camera eye and spindly hydraulic arm, this medical robot looks like it could fit in on an automotive production line. This bot isn’t building a Toyota, though. It carefully scans soft, sticky intestinal tissue and delicately weaves stitches with unmatched surgical precision. Indeed, with no guiding hand from its fellow doctors, it… Read More »

Wearable Chair Lets Surgeons Sit During Long Surgeries

  There are many jobs that require us to sit at our desk for long hours, and since it’s not particularly healthy to keep sitting for long hours, many have discovered alternatives so that we go about our jobs but also care about our health. For example, someone with a desk job can go for… Read More »