What Is In A Cigarette? Chemicals and Ingredient List Confirm How Dangerous Smoking Really Is!

By | March 15, 2017


More than 3,200 Americans less than 18 years old smoke their first cigarette consistently. Tragically, most new smokers are ignorant of the dangers of this new propensity, including heart illnesses, lung infection, diabetes, stroke, and significantly disease. The rundown of elements of cigarettes educates a considerable measure regarding its belongings and it likewise clarifies the motivation behind why smoking takes more than 480,000 passings consistently. Cigarettes contain up to 600 fixings on top of more than 7,000 chemicals created by tobacco smoke.


“One of the issues with cigarettes is that they have many included fixings, not exactly what is normally in the tobacco plant,” natural healthy researcher with Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Luz Claudio says. “What convolutes this significantly more is that when these chemicals smolder, they shape different chemicals that may additional effects on health.” Even though tobacco companies like R.J Reynolds keep saying that the ingredients found in cigarettes are not harmful as they are the ones found in foods and beverages approved by the FDA, the truth is that you would never put them in your mouth otherwise.



For instance, arsenic is one of those ingredients, an inorganic substance which is found in rat poison and wood preservatives.   It is known as a cardiovascular toxicant, carcinogen, and reproductive/ developmental toxicant. Carbon monoxide is yet another ingredient found in a cigarette, a chemical which can be found in nicotine, car exhaust fumes, and insecticides.  There is also cadmium, an active ingredient in batteries, formaldehyde, a cancer-causing ingredient of embalming fluid, and hexamine, often found in barbecue lighters.  What`s more, 70 of the chemicals found in cigarettes are carcinogenic while all of them can lead to death in some way.


“Cigarette smoke can affect the flow of oxygen within our bodies in two ways,” pulmonologist specializing in pulmonary rehab with City of Hope, Dr. Brian Tiep said. “First, carbon monoxide grabs on to the hemoglobin molecule, which prevents the transport of oxygen through red blood cells. Secondly, cyanide hinders tissue’s ability to take up and utilize oxygen. Tissue cannot function without this steady flow of oxygen.” As reported by the American Cancer Society, cigarette smoke is to blame for nearly 30% of all cancer-related deaths in the U.S.  This includes 87% of lung cancer deaths among men and 70% among women.


In addition, cigarette smoke is linked to various lung diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic airway obstruction. Currently, there are over 16 million Americans suffering from a smoking-related disease. While an estimate, 5.4 million under the age of 18 will die due to smoking-related illness unless adequate prevention measures are put in place. Source:

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