10-minutesWarm-UP: 5 best Exercises

By | March 16, 2017

Even if you are an expert or a gymnastic- before exercising you have to warm up and stretch your body before starting up exercises. It is important because it will increase your heart rate and help you improve your blood circulation- it keeps you mentally prepared for exercises. By increasing your heart rate- you become prepared for the exercises which you perform. If you don’t warm up your body before exercising it will be difficult for you to continue with exercises or else you’ll be not able to exercise!


To understand about the warm up, first understand the basic- during winter season when your car is not started for a long time and you suddenly think about going out with your car- you don’t directly start up the car and start driving instead you turn on the car and accelerate it for few seconds so that the engine becomes warmed and then you go for drive! This is the same with the human body- don’t throw yourself to exercise but instead, first start with the basic warm up exercises which helps to stretch your body- this will help you to exercise far better than you do before stretching. Same as your car even your body needs a perfect warm up exercise for a smooth ongoing workouts:


1.Jogging: Jog for a few minutes, this will help you to increase the heart rate and warm up the body. It also makes your mind active to perform exercise. This will move the organs making them to suit the changes and the support you will require when you exercise. Even there are some trainers’ n your gym on which you can jog, also you can check up the heart rate and the speed you wish to have on it.


2.Kick-back exercise: This exercise is similar to jog but here the difference is that you will kick back the legs trying to touch your butt. This stretches the hip muscles and the core muscles. By this exercise- you will have more movement in the body and the organs inside the body. You also get refreshed and a good amount of heat is generated.

  • Stand on your foot with hands placed back on the butt
  • Now start kicking back trying to touch the hands.
  • Don’t just try to touch the hands in slow motion but do it fast like the way you run!
  • Continue with the same for 10 reps
  • Take rest for a while and then again repeat the same exercise for 3 reps


3.Front-kicking exercise: The front-kicking exercise is done while you’re jogging. It is helpful to stretch the muscles of your quadriceps; this develops heat in the muscles which in turn makes the muscles suitable to exercise. If you don’t warm up these muscles you’ll find it difficult in performing exercises as it will not stretch as required for the work outs- so it’s necessary that you warm up these muscles.

  • Stand up in the jogging position
  • Now, at first jog for a while and after few steps – hold on the position and kick your right leg in forward direction keeping the balance on left leg
  • Note that- you leg should be straight and don’t bend it.
  • Now, again take a small jog and repeat the same with left leg
  • Repeat the same with alternate legs.


4.Foot-touching exercise: This exercise helps you to stretch the back muscles including the entire leg muscles- i.e. the calf muscles and the hip muscles. Make sure that you don’t stretch too much- it may injure your muscles. Stretch only till the limit you can!

  • Stand up on your foot with your legs stretched apart!
  • Now bend down to cross our right hand over the body and try to touch the left feet
  • Do the same with your left arm by touching the right feet.
  • Repeat the same exercises with quick succession in 30 seconds



5.Arm stretches: There are many arm stretches i.e. for the arms and shoulders. It is a must to even stretch these muscles to warm up before starting up with exercises. These are simple and will take few minutes to perform this exercise:

  • Stand upright on your feet
  • First, wave your right arm clockwise for 5 reps and then repeat the same exercise with left hand
  • Now, wave your right hand in the anti-clockwise for 5 reps and repeat the same exercise for the left hand.
  • Stand on the same place and start rolling your shoulders in forward direction as though you’re marching.
  • Repeat the same exercise in anti-clockwise direction.
  • Perform this exercise in quick succession for 30 seconds.
  • Now, standing on the same position- stretch your right hand across the chest towards the left direction
  • Do the same with your left leg and hold the position for 5 seconds every time you stretch.

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