4 tips to make your skin young and healthy

By | March 16, 2017

Skin care has become the most prominent care in the world today. Particularly for the ladies-they wish to have a beautiful and glowing skin, then the others do., and to achieve it they go any extent they want. Buy over cosmetic products- visiting expensive saloons and many other such cares you’re up to. Bu has you ever noticed that being natural is more beauty than being artificial. I am not saying to apply cosmetics but just trying to speak out- go more for natural than being stuck with only your cosmetics. Overuse will create a problem to your skin and may cause any type of infection. These infections are too dangerous to skin and cannot be ignored. So better ignore these cosmetic products and go for natural.


Your beauty can also be protected by just following the good daily habits. Nobody just becomes beautiful just in one day, but she needs to be more prominent and hard-working in taking care of her skin day to day. You need to just follow these daily tips so that your skin remains active and is not disturbed or harmed by the external environment. There is a very simple process involved and nothing much to worry about. Only you have to worry about is that you strictly follow the below-listed tips:


Wash your face just once a day: You need to wash your face before going to bed-so that the bacteria or the dust particles accumulate don the face wash away. Don’t just wash with plain water but take the help of a mild soap. This also helps to remove the makeup which can cause reactions to your skin due to its presence.You haven’t just to wash once a day but also during when you sweat. It is necessary to sweat and remove the inner dust but it is also necessary to remove this sweat from the outer skin and for this there is a procedure you can follow, this can los be applied at night before going to bed.



Select a cleanser which is ageing non-alcoholic content. Now, wash your face with lukewarm water and apply this cleanser. Only apply but don’t scrub. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Now, clean your face with a clean and soft towel.


Keep your skin moisturised: Moisturiser can also be prepared from the natural ingredients and also from the various chemicals which benefit the skin. It protects the skin from the weather by keeping the skin moisturised and healthy. It also maintains the skin moisture levels by maintaining the water quantity in the skin. Try applying the moisturiser immediately after bath. Even applying these moisturisers at night can be of great beneficial. Below are the steps by which you can largely benefit from moisturizer.


Apply the moisturizer within 3 minutes, after your bath. First, before applying after shower- you need pat dry your skin. This helps because after shower the skin holes are open and the moisturizer enters deep into the skin. This enables the skin loose less water and hence preventing it from evaporation. Drinking water is also a major aspect in keeping your skin young and fresh. Drink at least 8 glasses a day and not more nor less.


Consume fruits and vegetables regularly: If u wish to improve the quality of your skin without a proper diet- than don’t even think of glowing your skin. It is not possible to increase the quality of the skin without the help of a proper diet so you need to start with a regular practice of consuming fruits more in a quantity at least 5 times a day. Even if you’re not much used to this schedule then add it in your diary and start following it from today. No problem, if you’re a person with no time then keep a 15 minutes schedule to consume fruits. Don’t you get even this much time? Make it how you feel comfortable but follow this procedure of consuming fruits. It is because these fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamin C such vitamins which help us obtain a glowing skin and healthy skin too.



Stop smoking: Smoking kills the appearance o the skin and its health too. It is because the smoke out of these accumulates on the skin and even the blood flow is reduced to the skin. This makes the skin deficient in oxygen and nutrients. Do you really wish to have a deficient skin? This unhealthy habit not only harms you but also your surroundings. You’re quite too in intelligent to understand why I have listed this one among the tips to follow a daily routine.

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