How To Remove Dental Plaque In 5 Minutes Naturally, Without Going To The Dentist!!!

By | March 21, 2017

For both, men and women, plaque is one of the most common cosmetic issues.

Plaque is actually a sticky film which accumulates on your teeth. It contains a mass of bacteria and if it is left untreated, it can lead to gum disease and halitosis, or better known as bad breath. The saddest thing is that you can’t do anything to prevent the formation of plaque on your teeth. But, there are some natural treatments which you can do in your home in order to prevent or reduce plaque accumulation.


Because of the nicotine, the plaque deposits in smokers have dark yellow color, and this same color also appears in people that drink a lot of coffee. Although it seems harmless, plaque is actually the first phase of what may result in tooth decay, as well as tooth loss. Deep prophylaxis is the conventional dental procedure for plaque removal. It is an affordable procedure, but most of the people avoid it, as some of them are time – bound or don’t like to go to the dentist. If you belong to some of these two groups, continue reading this article and you will find out how to improve your dental health by using some simple, but yet effective natural remedies at your own home.

1.Home remedy 1
Needed ingredients:
-½ l water;
-60g nutshell flour.

Preparation and use: Mix the two ingredients into a pot and then bring them to boil. Over low heat, simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove it from heat and leave it to cool down. You should get a mixture like paste, which will be similar to toothpaste. Twice a month, use this mixture for brushing your teeth for 5 minutes.

 2.Home remedy 2
Needed ingredients:
-2 sunflower seed flour;
-2 lime juice;
-½ l water.

Preparation and use: In one pot, mix all the ingredients and after that bring them to boil and simmer for an hour over low heat. Use this mixture for brushing your teeth for about 5 minutes two times in a month. It will prevent plaque, as well as tartar formation on your teeth. Maintaining proper and regular dental hygiene is vital for our oral health. In the lines below, there are some additional tips which will help you in keeping your dental hygiene at an optimal level.

-You should never miss a day to brush your teeth. The ideal time of brushing them will be after each meal or at least two times in a day;
-You should spend at least two minutes brushing them;
-You should always choose milder toothpaste, as most of the conventional types consist of harsh chemicals which can hamper our oral pH;
-Every night before bed time, floss in order to remove food residues which remain stuck between your teeth;
-You should use some mouthwash regularly. There are some natural varieties which you can make in your home, like thyme and mint infusion. We consider them the best ones. You can also mix some sea water and regular water in a ratio 1:2;
-For those plaque deposits which won’t come off, you should visit your dentist, but don’t do the plaque – removing procedure too often, as it can damage your tooth.



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