How To Use Vitamin D To Burn Fat While You Eat (And How Much To Take)

By | March 24, 2017

There are several studies which show that vitami D is very beneficial when it comes to reducing excess weight. According to one study conducted in 2012, consummation of vitamin D and calcium supplements can increase the fat burning process around your abdomen. Moreover, vitamin D supplements can lower cellular inflammation and can increase different health markers, according to some other research. Fortunately, we can get vitamin D in many different ways, among which is sun exposure. When our skin is exposed to the UV rays, vitamin D produces in our organism and that’s why it is also called the sunshine vitamin. However, you will need to be exposed on sunshine for longer periods in order to get the needed amount of vitamin D. Around 1000 IU of this vitamin are enough for our body to function normally

If you want to lose weight you must implement some of these foods in your daily diet.



Just one serving of oatmeal will provide you with 154 IU of vitamin D. If you want to get additional 60IU of the sunshine vitamin, combine more cereals with oatmeal and drink fortified milk.


Tuna is a rich source of this vitamin. Only 3 ounces of this fish will provide you with 154 IU. You can prepare it in many ways.

If you want to increase the result from your workout, implement dairy products like milk and eggs into your diet, since they are rich in vitamin D, and you will burn fat like crazy.


Salmon is the best source of vitamin D. You will get 450IU from 3 ounces of salmon (cooked). Only one salmon can provide you with more vitamin D than all of the following foods combined.


Mushrooms are rich with vitamin D. The level of this nutrient varies from the type of the mushrooms. Usually, around 400 to 700 IU.

Orange Juice

You will get 137 IU the vitamin by consuming 1 cup of orange juice. You just need to drink it in the morning or include it in your breakfast smoothie.



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