By | March 25, 2017

Changes in the breast are very common. Most of them are not cancerous.It is very important that follow-up tests that ask your health care provider is made.

A sharp increase in the volume of breasts:

  • It could be due to weight gain. Each kilo or pound affects the size of the breast directly.
  • Could PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), or a side effect of the new hormonal contraceptive method being used.
  • The last option is pregnancy.

A large reduction in breast size:

  • It could be a sign that you are losing weight. Breasts are filled with fat and weight loss, this type of tissue decreases.

One breast is bigger than the other:

  • It is a very typical phenomenon among women, but especially more evident during Pre Menstrual Syndrome.
  • It could be a sign of breast cancer. Any abnormal tissue change that alters the shape of the breast is an alert to attend medical supervision.

Skin irritation under the breasts:

  • It may be due to an allergic reaction to any material: stained undergarments or wires that are often found in brassieres (bras).
  • It could be a sign of inflammation of the skin, which is common in women with large breasts. Friction combined with sweat resulting irritation.

Lumps in the breast aureole:

  • It is a natural change in the nipple. The function of breasts is milk production, and small lumps are terminations of the glands. They could be very noticeable during the menstrual cycle.

A large bulge in halo:

  • It could be a breast cyst. Cysts usually are not dangerous, but you have to control them.
  • It could be a sign of tumor. Changes within the breast, especially those that can be seen or felt naked eye, should be reported to a gynecologist immediately.

Hairs nipples:

  • It could be the reaction to certain cosmetics or medicines that contain male hormones.
  • It could refer to polycystic ovary syndrome. Other common symptoms that accompany this disease are acne and irregular menstrual cycle.

Nipples biting:

  • It indicates an allergic reaction to some lotion, soap, body lotion or fabric. It is necessary to wash the new bras before use to avoid this hassle.
  • It could be a sign of menstruation. Sometimes hormonal changes lead to itching.
  • It could refer to cancer nipple. Although rare, however if presented together with secretion, it might be alarming.

White nipple discharge:

  • It could be caused by physical stimulation, unrelated to pregnancy.
  • It could be a side effect of certain medications. It is not dangerous, but it is a symptom that should not be ignored.

Red nipple discharge:

  • Indicates the presence of benign tumor that can arise in the channel breast milk. Definitely the advice of a doctor is needed.

Lump of tissue in the chest:

  • It could be a dilated milk duct, but often appears due to changes before menstruation or stress.
  • It could be a cyst or tumor. If changes are made more remarkable it is necessary to visit a doctor.

Big lump in any part of the breast:

  • You could refer to a cyst. If the tumor is round and feels that moves when pressed, is likely to be a benign cyst. Usually, it measures about 1 cm.
  • It could be a sign of breast cancer. Therefore, this change should not be ignored. If you do not feel that is moving and changing under finger pressure immediately visit a doctor.


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