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Nobody likes to get migraines. Some can be extremely excruciating and keep going quite a while. According to the reports the World Health Organization upwards of 47 percent of individuals worldwide will get one this year. While everybody will have migraines eventually, a most people may not understand exactly what number of things there are that will bring about them.

10 Unexpected Things That Cause You Terrible Headaches

Here are 10 things that can cause headaches:

  1. Different foods
    Some foods that regularly trigger migraines incorporate processed nourishments, cheeses, and salty foods. Chocolate might likewise be behind them, as well, and MSG. Noah Rosen, MD, who is the executive of the Headache Institute at North Shore-LIJ Health System in Long Island, N.Y., says that numerous different food likewise could go about as a trigger.
  2. Drinks
    Headache pains can be created by a few sorts of beverages, especially alcoholic ones. Drinks that contain a considerable measure of caffeine can have the same impact.
  3. Being too heavy
    Late research demonstrates that when a few ladies have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more, there is a 35 percent more noteworthy probability of headaches. At the point when BMI is more prominent than 40, the danger of migraines goes to 80 percent.
  4. Pain medication
    Utilizing a lot over-the-counter medicines has been observed to be behind 50 percent of headaches and as much as 25 percent of every single other headaches. Taking pain prescription three days a week for continuous periods may make you subject to them.
  5. Being hungry or dehydrated
    Despite the fact that the reason is not comprehended, examination has more than once uncovered that going without a meal or water is associated with head pains in numerous individuals who experience the ill effects of them.
  6. Environmental factors
    A few factors in your surroundings may be behind your migraines. This could incorporate tobacco smoke, solid smells from chemicals, for example, cleaners and aromas, contamination, and a lot of disturbance.
  7. Physical exercises
    Somewhat more than 33% of the individuals who experience the ill effects of headaches find that high-power activity can trigger an attack. For them, the agony regularly starts with pain in the neck. This regularly prompted needing to stop the movement.
  8. Pollen and other types of allergens
    At the point when allergens are available, this can prompt headaches in a few individuals who are influenced by allergies. It incorporates allergens, for example, molds, ragweed, and dust.
  9. Fasting
    Going without nourishment for a period of time is a typical migraine trigger. One Brazilian study reported that actually, it is the trigger most normally reported in the matter of eating regimen related issues.
  10. Potentially serious problems
    Numerous wellbeing issues can bring about migraines, and in the event that they began all of a sudden without apparent reasons, you ought to see a specialist. A couple of conceivable reasons incorporate hypertension, brain tumor, sleep apnea or bleeding in the cerebrum.

Despite the fact that headaches may not be stopped, they may have the capacity to be extraordinarily lessened. Basically decrease the triggers and you are appropriate to find that you experience migraines substantially less frequently.

Headache Relief: Trick to Ease the Pain


Union Valley– This point is located in the web between you thumb and index finger. Applying pressure on this point helps in relieving back pain, frontal headaches, tooth ache and releasing tension from neck and head.


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