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[​IMG]The First Aid kit should be kept out of children’s reach and should be restocked regularly, replacing used or expired items and be kept in a easily accessible area, keep one more in your car. I will give you an example of giving first aid. Here it goes

FIRST AID for minor burns. Benefits of cooling burn injuries with water: if you are burnt or anybody you saw has got burns then, using a lot of water to run on the surface of burn helps a lot as a FIRST AID. * it Stops the burning process * it helps to Minimise the swelling ( we call it “oedema” in medical terms) * it helps to Reduces pain * it also Cleanses wound After running plenty of water on the burnt area, and using sterile techniques clean the area, and if you are really sure that the instrument you are using are sterile, then you continue and apply silver sulphadiazine creame over whole of the burnt area and rush to the hospital. But mind this, even a slightest of doubt that the instruments you are about to use are not sterile, do not attempt to use them in any manner. Burn area is most prone to infection. In the mean time give plenty of oral fluids to the patient – let him/her drink as much as water and other oral fluids he/ she can. This gives a good FIRST AID.

BASIC FIRST AID TIPS: Even if you are not a doctor or healthcare professional, you can still save a life. Having an idea about how to act in a situation of emergency and having knowledge about how to give a first aid will help you a lot in this regard. You might actually save your relative’s life, or simply a stranger’s life. How wonderful that is…! right…?? Read on for some short tips on first aid.


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If you see that the person is not breathing or is having difficulty in breathing or breathing very slowly,it needs your attention. If it is failing, give artificial respiration- mouth to mouth or mouth to nose. If you see any first aid kit nearby, take out the bag and mask for respiration and continue giving breaths.


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All the bleeding points must be identified and stopped by applying firm pressure over the bleeding points. Arrest the bleeding and protect the wound. Most of you would do this in reflex, but you should remember that stopping bleeding will give you extra time to reach a hospital. Take care of the wound, cover with a dressing, apply a pad and firm bandage. Elevate and keep it at rest.
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The best thing to do for fractures is to immobilise them, that is to make them stationary using almost any of the objects available at the accident site. Immobilise it with a well padded stiff support reaching the joints on either side of the fracture site. This little manoeuvre will protect the patient from developing anymore internal injuries due to broken ends of bone inside.
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A burn is caused by dry heat and a scald by moist heat like steam, very hot water or oil. Immediately cool the area with cold water for 15 minutes till the pain subsides. Do not break blisters, or apply anything on the burns (you don’t want to take chances that the equipments you are about to use might not be sterile). Cover with a sterile or clean cloth, pad and bandage. Give fluids. Seek medical attention immediately, body looses large amounts of fluids because of the burns.

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Some people think, nose bleeding is common in summers. Well it isn’t so. Most often it subsides by itself. In cases of massive bleeding or unstopped bleeding, Sit him up facing the breeze and the head slightly forward. Ask him to breathe through the mouth and not to blow the nose. Apply a cold compress over the nose. The soft part of the nose may be pinched close with the fingers for 10 minutes. Cold application on the back of the neck and forehead may help. Seek medical attention immediately.

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6.BEE STING: Do not press the bag (of the sting) . Apply cold or weak ammonia. If the person complains of difficulty in breathing, it is time for seeking medical attention immediately otherwise it can even be fatal. The patient is in anaphylaxis, which may br life threatening if not treated early.



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Wash up with soap and plenty of water . This first step is very important and forgotten most of the times. Do not suture at the wound as it may take the infection into deeper tissues. Loose bandage may be applied. Get quick medical aid. Rabies is one of the dreaded disease caused by dog-bite & Bat-bite (in case the dog has the rabies virus), and there is no treatment available once rabies is established. Prevention is cure.


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Keep patient calm .One of the most important thing here is to remove the fear of death from the victims mind, give moral support. Wash with plenty of water and soap. Do not rub hard. First apply a constrictive bandage on heart side of the bite (not to be applied continuously for more than 20 minutes).Do not incise or attempt to suck the wound. Get aid quickly. Try to identify the snake and remember some of its features such as the pattern of scales, its length etc..


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Lay him down and loosen clothing around chest and waist. Carefully note the events just before the attack of fainting and also during the attack. Turn head to one side. The legs may be raised a little. Do not attempt to give any solids or liquids. On recovery small amount of a drink may be given and allowed to sit up and move after rest. If the patients does not recover early, seek medical attention.


10.GENERAL: If you are in doubt about the treatment do not do anything. You may do more harm And hence it is high time to call for medical help. These tips are gross, they are mentioned to give an idea of the situations that might arise and also to make you realise that just having a first aid kit with no idea of how to use it in different situations means foolishness. These simple basic tips and can help save a life, specially if something happens when you are travelling, hiking etc… out of reach of medical services. Disaster can strike anytime and in any manner. So trust me guys if you really wanna be of some help to yourself and your family members, just complete your first aid kit today and read any good manual or guide for first aid.

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