What to do if you see an accident ?

By | April 9, 2017

Image result for road accidentThe first thing to do in case of car accident is to remain calm and not to panic. After you calm yourself, the next best thing to do is to seek for help quickly however we all know from movies that help often times comes later on in the movie which is sadly to say also happens in real life and so for cases such as this it is always practical and sensible to apply first aid solutions. The main concern of giving first aid solutions is to save lives as well as to provide temporary relief to injuries due to the impact of car accidents. However, injuries due to car accidents doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be wounds nevertheless the absence of wounds does not in any way indicates that the victim is not harmed or is completely all right.

Examples of these kind of injuries are those found in the head or the abdomen wherein symptoms are not readily manifested however victims still need to be accompanied to a secured place until professional help arrive. In addition, victims of car accidents have to be examined in three areas and these are the airways, breathing and circulation areas. However, in cases wherein a victim suffers from a broken neck, first aid rule requires to refrain from mishandling or to move the victim since such injury may lead to a permanent disability. On the other hand, it is much better to check the airways first since the lack of oxygen for more than three minutes can be fatal. Signs of airway obstruction are manifested by the color of the lips, breathing sound and then the feel of the exhaled air on your cheek. In case the victim is not breathing, feel the inside of the victim’s mouth with your finger to know what’s causing the obstruction.


This action will tend to pull the tongue of the victim forward thus restoring the airway. Afterwards, check the breathing of the victim however there are cases wherein after the removal of the obstruction from the airways the victim still fails to breathe, such case calls for a mouth to mouth resuscitation. To initiate the resuscitation process, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath and then pinch the victim’s nostrils together and then seal your lips around the victim’s mouth. And then check the victim’s chest to see whether air has already reached his lungs and if you see his chest rise then that is an indication that the victim will be able breathe again. For cases, wherein victims are bleeding to death, again it is important not to panic.


In cases wherein there is continuous bleeding and then a significant drop in blood pressure it is advisable to stop the bleeding by means of clogging the wound by means of pressing against it with your thumb. The pressure you applied on the wound would stop it from bleeding. And for victims whose spine are injured it is best to gently lift the neck and then try to keep the victim to look straight to his front and remember not to let the head flop from either side or else this will paralyzed the victim.

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