26-Year-Old Uploads Photo Of Herself To Facebook. A Year Later, She Sees A Big Lump On Her Neck

By | April 11, 2017


Lorna Nickson Brown is a young actress and producer following her dreams. According to IMDB, she is known for Agatha Christie’s Poirot, AfterDeath, and Chronicles of Courage. At 26 years old, she was healthy and energetic, working hard to pursue her acting career. It came as a complete shock to her when she went to the doctor and they told her she had thyroid cancer. Lorna was in disbelief — she felt completely healthy. She’d had no idea she was sick with such a serious disease. Not only that, but after her diagnosis, Lorna found out that her thyroid problem had actually been visible for an entire year. Despite all the pictures she’d taken of herself and others had taken of her, she had never noticed the lump on her neck. After she was diagnosed in 2015, Lorna had a partial thyroidectomy, a surgery that removed half her thyroid. In a Twitter post on March 1, 2017, Lorna shared a before and after photo of her surgery, as well as a long note about the signs of thyroid cancer.

Lorna posted the above photo on Twitter, explaining what happened when she was told she had thyroid cancer in 2015. Now that you know she had a lump in her neck in the left side of the picture, can you see it?



She wrote: In this picture on the left, which I uploaded on FB in 2015, you can see a lump on my neck. The photo was taken by my bro almost a year before we knew that I had thyroid cancer. You can clearly see the lump on my neck, here in this picture. Yet, we missed it at the time! The second pic is me after surgery, looking like Frankenstein as my bros kindly pointed out!!! Thyroid cancer is a rare cancer and usually first presents itself with a hard lump at the front of your neck. It is not widely known about. I didn’t even know what a thyroid was when I was told I had thyroid cancer. Now I know EVERYTHING about thyroids!!!


At the time, I didn’t say anything to most people, or talk about it on social media, because I was unsure what the impact of having cancer would be on me as an actress in an industry obsessed with health and beauty. I thought I had to conceal my illness from the world. More recently, I’ve realised that I had nothing to be ashamed of. Now I feel tremendously lucky that my treatment was successful and feel it is my duty to raise awareness of this condition. Please check your neck, and look at others around you. Most thyroid cysts are benign, but some aren’t. Mine certainly wasn’t. Get it checked! Although thyroid cancer is serious, it is often treatable by a medical professional — if you think you might have a thyroid problem, call your doctor! Lorna might not have discovered her thyroid cancer if it weren’t for helpful doctors. f6721ba7d1ee8c7f54105c75983c0cfd.jpg

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