10 Simple Tricks For An Easy Weight Loss!

By | April 20, 2017

Discover how you can lose weight without giving up man things. There is a way to bring your body to a perfect shape, without a lot of efforts. Of course we are not saying that this is the best or most effective way, but you should try it. It certainly helps.


In addition we give you 10 little tricks on how you can lose weight faster.

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1.Take many selfies

If you take pictures of your body once a week, you could contribute to lowering the amount of fats for 2.6%. A research shows that looking at your waist week to week can help you raise your own awareness of a healthy lifestyle. You will also get a desire to exercise more often.

2.Cardio intervals

You don’t have to train more, train smarter. People who did intensive trainings in a period of 8 months managed to remove 3 cm of fat more than those who spent the same amount of time running on a treadmill. Researchers show that dividing your trainings into intervals causes the body to burn additional calories. The body keeps burning calories long after you leave the gym.

3.Snack, then shopping

Before you go out shopping, eat an apple. A research at the Cornell University shows that people who eat a fruit before shopping but 28% less groceries. They also avoid fast food. Furthermore, consuming fresh snacks before shopping influences our choice of groceries. And we aren’t even aware of that.

4.Play video games

Playing video games lowers the desire for food. People who play video games lower their desire for food for 20%. Playing social games improves your cognitive concentration, which distracts your attention away from food.


5.Follow your progress

If you measure yourself regularly, this can help you lose weight. People who are overweight can lose up to 20 pounds a year if they weigh themselves often.

6.Regular walks

If you don’t exercise at the gym, take a 30 minute walk daily. We assure you that it can help you lose 4 cm around your waist in a period of 12 weeks.

7.Almonds instead of sweets

The worst option if you want to lower your hunger in the afternoon hours is to consume sweet food. We recommend that you eat almonds instead.

8.Chew slowly

Chewing your food slowly will make you thinner, according to a Japanese research. If you chew your food slowly, you will send your brain the message that you are full. Besides, when we eat slowly, our blood pressure raises in a controlling rhythm, unlike when we eat quickly.

9.Sleep regularly

Sleeping is key if you want to regulate your appetite. Scientists discover that the lack of sleep can lead to an increase in grelin. This is a hormone that controls the appetite. It also lowers the levels of leptin, which gives signals to our body that we are no longer hungry.

10.Treat days

If you are having a hard time keeping up with diets, set a day to treat yourself. Treat yourself with something nice to eat. Research shows that “cheating” once a week is really useful, because it motivates us to stick to our diet plan.

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