11 Top Surgical Hospitals in the World

By | April 24, 2017

Our main source for putting together this list was the Web Ranking of World Hospitals provided by Spain’s High Council for Scientific Research. We looked up which of the top hospitals listed on that ranking have an outstanding quality in surgical procedures, and we checked that list against Medical Travel Quality Alliance’s own list of the world’s best hospitals for medical tourists.

Finally, we compared those results with Forbes’s report on the Globe’s best hospitals to give you our take on the subject. Given the fact that 9 out of ten of the world’s best ranking hospitals are within the US, we opted to choose the best surgical hospital of the first 11 countries, in order to also make this article on the 11 best surgical hospitals in the world, also useful for American Citizens looking for surgical treatment abroad.

11.Nagara Medical Center Located in the Gifu Prefecture and directly dependent of Japan’s National Hospital Organization, the Nagara Medical Center is the country’s leading centre for respiratory surgery and cardiovascular medicine.

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10. Sahlgrenska University Hospital Funded in 1772 and with a current staff of over 17.000 people, Sahlgrenska University Hospital stands as the biggest hospital in Sweden and one of the largest in Europe. Specialized in paediatric heart surgery, it’s one of the world’s leading research facilities concerning paediatric treatment.

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9.Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois Lausanne Located in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, the Lausanne University Hospital is one of the five teaching hospitals in Switzerland, covering a wide range of surgical procedures from oncological to neurological.

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8. Sturgeon Community Hospital Canada’s Sturgeon Community Hospital depends on directly from the Alberta Health Services and is one of North America’s leading medical facilities outside the US.

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7. Xinqiao Hospital Third Military Medical University Originally founded as a military hospital depending on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the Third Military Medical University is one of China’s leading centres for both clinical and surgical medicine. It is based on the city of Chongqing.


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6. Erasmus Medisch Centrum Located in the dutch city of Rotterdam, the Erasmus Medical Centre is one of Europe’s most respected facilities for clinical research.

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5. Heidelberg University Hospital Germany’s leading medical center directly depends on from Heidelberg University, Germany’s oldest standing university. Specialists from all over the world are trained to give one of the best medical services in Europe.

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4. INCA – Instituto Nacional de Câncer Brazil’s National Cancer Institute is the Latin American leading centre for Oncology research and cancer-related surgery and ranks fourth on our list of best surgical hospitals in the world.

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3. Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital As Taiwan’s leading medical facility, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital directly depends on the Tzu Chi Foundation, a worldwide non-profit organization interested in helping people through Buddhist values.

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2. Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou As a member of Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris – one of Europe’s most respected hospital systems, the Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou stands out for being Paris’ newest and most modern medical facility.

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1. Cleveland Clinic Known to be the world’s leading center for cardiology and heart surgery, Cleveland Clinic stands out as well for having some of the world’s most advanced technological and management systems, making it the first of our best surgical hospitals in the world ranking.

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