9 Bad Habits That Destroy Your Teeth!

By | May 10, 2017

You may think that if you brush your teeth or floss regularly, you don’t have to worry about your teeth. However, sometimes little habits can lead to the destruction of your teeth. And you don’t even notice it. Some habits show their effect immediately, like a broken tooth. But, others hide well, and stay unnoticed. We are here to show you a couple of habits you surely have, and you don’t know how badly they affect your teeth.

In order to maintain your good dental health, kick these habits:

1.You use your teeth like scissors. Many of us use our teeth to rip a piece of duct tape, open a piece of candy, or rip a thread. Even If you are lucky enough not to do any visible harm to your tooth, these kinds of actions can cause many small ruptures on the surface and the tip of the teeth. If you often use your teeth as a tool, you can cause their deformation. Don’t be lazy. Get up and look for the scissors.

2.You use a lot of pressure to brush your teeth. Maybe you think that if you press harder, you will brush your teeth more thoroughly. But, the truth is that the pressure only causes damage to the teeth. Besides brushing strongly, using a toothbrush with hard hairs causes an irritation to the jaw. This leads to your teeth becoming more sensitive.

3.You chew ice, nails or hard candy. If you chew ice, you cause pain to your teeth. There is a reason for this. The pain is a way to warn you that you are doing something harmful. In other words, you are hurting your teeth.

4.The pressure you use to chew on a hard object damages the outer layer of the teeth. We recommend that you don’t even put ice in your mouth, because the low temperature can cause damage.


5.You suck on a lemon for the juice. Sucking on a piece of lemon can be useful on one hand. This is because this fruit is an amazing source of vitamins. But, on the other hand, if you do this regularly, it will cause a lot of damage to your teeth. The sourness of the lemon causes erosion to the tooth. As a result, the surface of the tooth is not smooth. We recommend that you keep lemon and orange juices as little in your mouth as you can. The best thing you can do is drink them with a straw.

6.You brush your teeth right before or after a very sour meal. Never do this at least 30 minutes before and after consuming very sour food. If you brush your teeth before you eat, you get rid of the spit that protects the teeth. If you brush them right after, you can harm them and lead to their sensitiveness.

7.You chew pens and pencils. This happens if you are very concentrated on what you are doing. You can put the tip of the pen or pencil in your mouth. If you notice that you have this habit, pay attention to it. Try to kick it immediately, because it can cause damage to the teeth. If you need a motive to get rid of this habit, just think about all the bacteria that you are putting in your mouth when you chew such a dirty object.

8.You suck your thumb. Sucking your thumb is a very bad habit from many aspects. Your teeth suffer the most from it. This habit has a bad effect if the sucking continues even after your permanent teeth appear. This happens because it causes a change in the structure of the teeth, and can even change the look of the entire jaw.

9.You use toothpicks aggressively. The toothpick is of great help if you need to remove leftover food from between your teeth. But, If you use it too much, the toothpick can cause damage to the jaw, as well as breaking of the teeth. Be gentle when you are using a toothpick. Don’t chew on it, just because you are bored.



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