4 Proven Sperm Killers

By | May 11, 2017

Sperm—it’s of vital importance if you’re trying to conceive. However, you may not be familiar with some ways that sperm counts can lesson. Here are four ways that your partner’s sperm count can be depleted.

  1. Overheating

One of the most important reasons that a man’s testes are located as to not continuously touch the body is so that their temperature remains below 98º. If the temperature of the testes reaches the normal body temperature, sperm production stops and potential sperm can die off and/or lose their motility. That’s not to say that a man can’t go into a heated pool or hot bub, it just means that he shouldn’t constantly expose his testes to high temperatures. This includes laptops, keep them on the desk or on a cooling pad.

  1. Smoking, Drinking, and Drugs

All of these can have negative effects on sperm count, production, and maturation. It’s no secret that engaging in smoking, drinking, and drug use is bad for any one’s health, but this destructive behavior in men hits them where it counts. Smoking can lower sperm counts and slow down the little swimmers. Alcohol has the ability to negatively affect the quality of semen and slow or alter sperm’s production capabilities. Smoking marijuana has been linked to decrease men’s fertility as well as reduce sperm counts and sperm function.

  1. Too Much Testosterone

Sounds weird, right—since it’s the hormone that makes a man a man. But, ingesting too much of this manly hormone can actually alter the body’s ability to produce sperm. Testosterone is indeed needed to make sperm, but too much of it has the potential to shut down the pituitary gland—the gland that regulates the testes’ sperm—making ability. In other words, stay away from testosterone supplements.

  1. Obesity

It’s no secret that being overweight is unhealthy for any one, not just men. But being overweight carries with it the ability to decrease sperm count and production in men. Watching what you eat and getting some exercise—even a half hour walk—can help move your body (and your sperm count) into its healthy zone.

  • It’s important to become educated in both of your reproducing abilities. Do your own research over the Internet and/or at your local library.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor and go over your questions and concerns. Bring your research findings to your doctor and go over them together.
  • Stay abreast of reproduction news and subscribe to websites that you deem helpful.
  • Keeping you and your partner aware of each other’s baby-making abilities has the potential to help the both of you become pregnant that much easier.


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