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Hypertension Treatment & Care

Treating high blood pressure can take a multi-pronged approach including diet changes, medication, and exercise. Learn about hypertension treatment options here. Hypertension TreatmentTreatment for hypertension comes in many forms, from lifestyle changes to medication. Learn more from this overview about how to lower blood pressure. High Blood Pressure DrugsYour doctor has hundreds of different high… Read More »

8 Possible Causes of Bleeding When You Blow Nose

Traveling outside home can be strenuous. Even for those who do it on a regular basis and have the routine so set that they can accomplish it on auto-pilot, a change in routine can be disconcerting and throw off the whole morning. When seasons change and your body reacts, issues can result. For example, imagine… Read More »

8 Easy Ways to Cure Ear Infection

Ear infections are relatively common in both adults and children. Indeed, one in ten adults gets an ear infection at least once in their life, with more women getting it than men. The problem is estimated to affect nine in ten children before their third birthday. Also known as otitis media, ear infection is caused… Read More »

Sore Throat Doesn’t Heal: Why and What to Do

It is hard to find someone who has never experienced a sore throat at some point in life. Dealing with scratching, itching, and burning is never fun, but it becomes even more annoying when these symptoms just won’t go away. Most people find relief by taking some home care measures, but others will continue to… Read More »

Why Are My Legs Falling Asleep Often?

Do your legs often fall asleep? The tingling and numb sensation affects many people. It can result from several causes, the most common one being excessive pressure on nerves due to prolonged crossing of legs. In most instances, numbness is benign and temporary. However, it may be chronic or episodic and be accompanied by additional symptoms such… Read More »

9 Best Double Chin Exercises That Work Fast

You may think you cannot do anything about your double chin but that is not true. You can try many different chin exercises to help tone your facial muscles. Certain exercises can help tighten up the skin around your jaw line and reduce the appearance of double chin. It is certainly important to pay attention… Read More »

How Should You Sleep with Lower Back Pain?

People worldwide suffer from back problems due to various reasons. In general, factors at work, excessive standing, physical exercise and even chronic medical conditions play an important role in the development lower back pain. Lower back pain interferes with your daily activities, but it also makes it difficult or even impossible to sleep at night.… Read More »

Gout Symptoms and Effective Managing Measures

Gout is a type of arthritis, which is the result of accumulation of crystals of uric acid in various joints. The uric acid is created as a result of purine metabolism. Purines are constituents of numerous foods we consume. An abnormal production or excretion of uric acid leads to its crystallization in the joints and… Read More »

Hand Arthritis: Symptom, Treatment and Exercise

Arthritis is defined as inflammation of joints. This inflammation can affect one or several joints. Arthritis in hands affects both the wrist and hand joints. Both the hand and the wrist are made of several joints put together to perform complex and fine motions such as writing and tying a shoelace. However, when arthritis hits… Read More »