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Ovarian Cyst Rupture: Symptom, Cause, and Treatment

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled pocket or sac within the ovary or on its surface. Many women will have an ovarian cyst at some point during their lives. In the vast majority of cases, they are completely harmless and come with no or very minimal discomfort. In most cases, these cysts will disappear completely… Read More »

Why Is There Spotting After Your Period Ends?

A healthy menstrual cycle usually lasts between 28 and 32 days. During this time, you will experience bleeding up to 3-5 days. It is not a set rule though because every woman’s cycle will be different in some ways. You should consider it normal so long as the length and pattern of your cycle is… Read More »

Why Does Your Period Last Longer Than Before?

Even though it’s sometimes quite annoying, the monthly period is an integral part of life for most women. It is common for young girls to feel curious and concerned about their periods – they even become worried when it seems they are going to bleed to death. So many questions will make them worried. Why… Read More »

Are Breast Calcifications Dangerous?

As a woman gets older, she will experience so many changes, such as grey hair, impaired vision, less elastic skin and so on. Breast calcifications are among all of them, which affect the breast tissues. Depending on their pattern and size, these depositions can either be benign or a cause of breast cancer. Successive mammograms… Read More »

Diminish Bloating Caused By Your Monthly Cycle

Menstruation is a normal and routine part of a woman’s life. Yet, a number of things can occur that can cause a woman pain at that time. One such thing is the retention of water that makes women feel bloated. Premenstrual water retention is a phenomenon that accompanies menstruation for many women. Retained water can… Read More »

Easing Menstrual Cramps By Using Home Remedies

Menstruation is a common occurrence in every woman’s life. Unwanted pain and cramps are part and parcel of this occurrence. It is like meeting a guest you do not want to see in your life. These cramps may not stay for long. But the little time it stays, surely leaves an impact. If this pain… Read More »

Getting Rid of Period Pain, Hot Flushes and Upset Stomach

Some women are lucky enough to go through each and every month without any disruption to their health, yet a huge percentage of us experience headaches, cramps, hot flushes, irritability, nausea and upset stomachs at the hands of our hormones. While the contraceptive pill and various prescription medications can help, it’s often more desirable to… Read More »

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment

Premenstrual syndrome treatment refers to the physical and emotional symptoms that most women experience right before menstruation. Most menstruating women are affected by this syndrome. Those between ages 30-40 are at risk. Until now, there is no definite cause why PMS is happening to women, but there are preventive measures that women should know. It… Read More »

Relieve Menstrual Cramping With Molasses

Menstrual cramping is usually a common effect of menstruation that causes pain and discomfort to women. Cramping may be caused by prostaglandins in the body which make the uterus contract resulting to reduction of blood flow in the uterus. Molasses is thick brown syrup and considered a healthy sweetener. It comes from sugar cane and… Read More »

Common Causes of Menstrual Irregularities

There are many women who suffer from menstrual irregularities at some point in their life. The problem can significantly affect a woman’s life and if the condition is not given attention it can even worsen. Women, in normal terms, maintain a pattern of period that is ideally 28 days, but no one is completely regular.… Read More »