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Advanced Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a slow moving disease. You may have no signs of it for years. But the bad part is that by the time the man actually begins to show signs of having prostate cancer he may already be in stage IV. Symptoms may start to show when the prostate is enlarged and it… Read More »

Cancer Cells vs. Normal Cells

Humans and other living organisms are made up of cells. Based on their location, cells can live for a certain amount of time only. For instance, your liver cells can last from six months to a year, and then they are replaced with new ones. Taste buds cells, on the other hand, are replaced every… Read More »

Causes, Symptoms and treatment of Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer refers to a condition in which testicular cells become malignant. Men between the age of 15 and 49 are more likely to develop this disease. The good thing is that testicular cancer is treatable, even in cases when it spreads beyond the testicle. The chances of treating it successfully are usually higher when… Read More »

Metastatic Kidney Cancer or a Separate Lung Cancer?

Metastatic Kidney Cancer or a Separate Lung Cancer? Expert Urges Patients, Doctors to Learn the Difference Oftentimes, kidney cancer will metastasize to the lungs. However, in a small percentage of patients, lung tumors that happen simultaneously as those in the kidneys may actually be undiagnosed cancer that originated in the lungs – and the results… Read More »

Mammogram Guidelines Have Changed, But Are Doctors Listening?

Study finds that most still recommend the breast cancer screen for women in their early 40s Four of five doctors still recommend annual mammograms for women in their early 40s, despite guideline changes that have pushed back the age for yearly breast cancer screening, a new survey shows. Overall, 81 percent of physicians surveyed said… Read More »

Case of Phyllodes tumour/Cystosarcoma phyllodes/Serocystic disease of Brodie

Case: 15 year old girl presented with, Unilateral breast swelling since 6months On examination Soft,non tender,bosselated surface Displayed dilated veins . was diagnosed as Phyllodes tumour Excision done Recovered well Performed in Rajah Muthaiah Medical College Annamalai university Chidambaram,TamilNadu Performed by Dr.A.Anwar Ali and Team Dr.P.RaviShankar, Dr.R.Dhilipan Pradap, Dr.P.Madhulika Note: Pictures of the procedure are in treatment… Read More »

Can Obesity Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

Although smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol increase the risks of developing cancer, being overweight increases the risks of developing breast cancer, particularly in women who are beyond menopause. New research shows a correlation between breast cancer in postmenopausal women and high sex hormone levels such as testosterone and estrogen. According to the study at the… Read More »